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Take the first step towards your goals

This tool will help you break your big ambitions down into smaller goals, so you can get there one step at a time.

Find out more about setting realistic goals

What is your big goal?

This could be something like stopping drinking, getting fit or learning a new skill.

Enter a big goal here to continue

Next, think about the first thing you could do to work towards this goal, no matter how small.

So if your big goal is to stop drinking altogether, then your first step could be: Today I will have a drink-free day.

This is a good first step because it’s something you can do today, but turning it into a regular thing will help you build steadily towards your big goal.

If you're dependent on alcohol, or you think you may be, it’s important to get medical advice before stopping or changing your drinking habits. Speak to your doctor if you have these symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Whatever you decide to do, it should be something you can do today or tomorrow: the sooner the better.

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Your goal

I want to
Today I will


What next?

You can save this goal as an image and keep it as a reminder.

You could even share it with friends or family. Letting them know what you’re doing could help motivate you.

However it goes, reflect on this goal and come back to set another one when you’re ready.